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Shotcut video editor now an SFS

September 17, 2022 — BarryK

I have created SFSs over the last few days. All that you need to do is click on the "sfs" icon to download and install. You get a choice to install to the main desktop or in a container -- I recommend the former, as these SFSs are configured to run the app as a non-root user, each app runs as its own user, which is fairly secure.

Note, you can do both, install on main desktop and container, if you wish to compare. It seems that openGL is only working with software rendering in containers, which will make apps slower -- but that is unconfirmed, as although the app reports cannot use hardware rendering, it may actually be using hardware rendering. In a container, the app has very limited capabilities, and may not be able to correctly probe how openGL is working.

Today I have created an SFS of Shotcut video editor, version 22.06.23. Homepage:


I did some basic testing, seems to be working OK. I have previously used Pitivi video editor (available via the PKGget package manager), and being slightly accustomed to that, it was not immediately apparent how to use Shotcut. There are tutorials and videos on YouTube, that you would probably need to watch.

If you want to contribute feedback, there is a forum thread on these new SFSs:

I will probably create a few more. They do make EasyOS more useful, given that the package manager has a rather small repository.    

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