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Synaptic kind-of working on EasyOS Dunfell-series

September 07, 2022 — BarryK

I reported on integrating the native Puppy-format package database with dpkg and apt:

The Dunfell-series is built with packages compiled from source. Completely different packages from those in Debian Bullseye. It is not just Debian's habit of splitting packages up into many smaller packages; their packages may have been compiled differently, often with more dependencies. And different versions.

So, a huge mismatch; anyway, have got Synaptic, a GUI for apt, working:


Ha ha, chose to install 'abiword', and Synaptic wants to install 701 packages, upgrade 7, remove 30; total download 480MB. Didn't go ahead.

This sync'ing will be more reasonable, I expect, when build Easy from Debian Bookworm DEB packages.

The new scripts are in /usr/local/debget, and need to do some more work on them, and at least one more script to write.     

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