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Have cancelled Amazon account

October 01, 2022 — BarryK

I have had an account with Amazon for a very long time, but cancelled it yesterday.

Over the years, I have sometimes bought books from them. I used to login to but after they setup in Australia, I logged into

A few days ago, I attempted to order some books, and although I looked very carefully, at the final checkout the books were to be shipped by "prime shipping". In the past, I have shipped by "standard shipping", but this time, although I looked very carefully, there was no choice.

I did not complete the order. A little while later, received an email welcoming me to Amazon Prime.

I logged back into Amazon and cancelled Prime membership. I then waited 24 hours, to be sure that the cancellation had gone through. Deleted all Amazon-related history in the browser, then logged in and again attempted to order some books. This time I watched very very carefully, and I was not offered anywhere to choose standard shipping.

Just before final checkout, I did not take that step, as I knew from before that it would have signed me up to Prime again. Instead, I deleted the items in the tray, then cancelled my Amazon account.

Instead, I have ordered a book from these guys:

...they accept PayPal, unlike Amazon, who require to pay with credit card. PayPal is my much preferred method of payment. Book Depository has a warehouse in Australia, though I don't know if my book is coming from there or the UK.

EDIT 2022-10-02:
Jon (scsijon in the forum) has informed me that The Book Depository was bought out by Amazon in 2011.
Ha ha, anyway, it doesn't matter, they seem to still be operating independently, not pushing any kind of "prime" membership. And, it is great that they accept PayPal.

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