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HEADWOLF HPad 1 tablet ordered

October 02, 2022 — BarryK

I am planning to go camping early November, and want a very portable computer to take along. Also likely to be going on a journey by train, again want something very portable.

Previous years, camping trips, I have taken my Asus laptop. This was purchased in 2012 and is heavy and high power consumption. I have a lithium battery, charged from a solar panel, and I found had to severely restrict hours of usage of the laptop. The solar panel could not keep up.

OK, I was also powering a 12V camping fridge, and lights, and sometimes a 12V fan. I suppose could buy another solar panel. Anyway, one step to reduce power consumption is to take along a more energy-efficient laptop.

Have done a lot of comparisons of different laptops and 2-in-1s, Windows and Chromebooks, as well as Android tablets. Anyway, fast-forward, today finally hit the "buy" button...

Have ordered a HEADWOLF HPad 1 tablet, 8GB RAM 128GB storage, LTE, with keyboard:


Huh, HEADWOLF? -- never heard of them. I am a bit scared buying an unknown brand tablet from Aliexpress, as some vendors tell lies about the specs and display bogus photos. Also, there are no reviews at that link!

However, did some research, and the specs and quality look to be genuine. Really good quality, look at these reviews:

There are reviews on Amazon:

...note, after customer complaints, they now state on Amazon that it doesn't support a sim. The reason for that is mobile Internet in the USA is a mess. The tablet does have the correct LTE frequencies for my telco in Australia, so I am optimistic that it will work.

I can live without sim support, just a nice thing to have.

Another item on my checklist is the pogo-pins and matching keyboard. I consider this to be superior to a bluetooth keyboard -- so good not have to separately charge the keyboard! And bluetooth itself can be a pain to use.

More items ticked: high quality quad-speaker audio, quite nice 20MP camera, 8GB RAM.

Anyway, we shall see. Will post a review after it arrives -- Aliexpress have estimated by end of October, and I have found their "Aliexpress standard postage" to be quite fast -- the fastest ever was about 9 days, but I think that was a freak, every leg of the journey must have synced.

The review might be from my tent on the South Coast of Western Australia!

Note, HEADWOLF is a fairly new Chinese company, I found their English website:

EDIT 20221003:
Good, 4G LTE does work in the USA, as reported by Larry:

A Verizon Wireless sim works. As one person has reported in the comments, the tablet does not work with AT&T. This is a situation that you have in the USA, big telcos having a strangle-hold on consumers. At least there is good news with one telco in the US.      

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