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Improve finding deps woofQ importing from OE

October 16, 2022 — BarryK

WoofQ has two scripts '0pre-oe' and '0pre-oe-add' to import packages from OpenEmbedded. As well as importing the binary packages, the package database in Puppy-format is created.

The dependencies-field in the Puppy-format db may not have all the dependencies. In particular, OE recipes may contain an "RDEPENDS" variable, which lists run-time dependencies; these need to be included in the deps list.

To complicate matters, the variables may be in the form "DEPENDS = ", "DEPENDS += ", "DEPENDS_${PN} = " or "DEPENDS_${PN} += ", ditto for RDEPENDS.

The scripts now detect all of these variants.

Note, OE Pyro release generated a file '', which had all the required deps; however, the Dunfell release no longer generates that file, making finding deps more difficult.   

Tags: easy