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OpenEmbedded Dunfell 3.1.20 R10 recompile

October 30, 2022 — BarryK

I have sync'ed my meta-quirky layer with the latest release of Yocto|OpenEmbedded Dunfell-series version 3.1.20. My project is currently only available as a tarball, this is the latest (289MB), as used for the R10 build:

As usual, approaching 19 hours for the build. I didn't time it exactly, as there was one error; which was easy to fix, and sent it off again, compiled successfully to completion, 947 packages.

The previous build was Dunfell 3.1.16, in May 2022, that I labeled as "revision-9" build. Revision-10 has these changed versions:

busybox-static-1.32.0                   1.34.1
c-ares-1.16.1+gitrAUTOINC+74a1426ba6 1.18.1
dbus-1.12.20 1.12.24
linux-firmware-1_20220509 20220913
mariadb-10.4.24 10.4.25
mobile-broadband-provider-info_20220511 20220725
nodejs-12.22.2 12.22.12
ntfs-3g-ntfsprogs-2017.3.23 2022.5.17
openssl-1.1.1o 1.1.1q
php-7.4.21 7.4.28
python3-3.8.13 3.8.14
tzdata-2022a 2022c
vim-8.2.4912 9.0.0598

Apart from version changes, there have been many security patches applied, as documented in the release announcements:





An interesting observation: I noticed 'debianutils' did not get built this time. Whatever package required it, no longer does. I could explicitly list it; however, the debianutils applets in busybox are probably good enough.

Note, 'busybox-static' is shown above; however, I compiled that separately in a different OE build, statically linked with musl, and created a PET.    

Tags: easy