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OpenGL fixed in containers

October 07, 2022 — BarryK

I posted about Chrome running in a container, complaining about broken openGL:

SupeTuxKart also gave errors about broken openGL, and did not work in a container, so I constrained it to install in the main filesystem only:

I figured out how to get openGL working in containers; achieved by mount-binding /dev/dri on /dev/dri inside the container. This is now a checkbox "3D graphics":


...this is a GUI window when run the 'dir2sfs' utility, or configure an installed SFS via the menu "Filesystem -> Easy Container Management". Here is the "Access" section help:


Now SuperTuxKart works in a container. I have rebuilt the SFS and re-uploaded it. However, this new "3D graphics" checkbox will not work, it will require the next release of EasyOS, expected to be version 4.4.1. Meaning SuperTuxKart will not work in a container until EasyOS 4.4.1 is released.

Curiously, I tested Firefox in a container, without "3D graphics" ticked, and webGL does work -- tested here:

WebGL uses openGL, so I suppose if openGL is determined by the browser to be broken, it must have a fallback. I don't know enough about the subject to understand what is going on. I presume it just falls back to software rendering, which will be slower.

The checkbox title "3D graphics" is misleading, have changed it to "accel. graphics", as that is really what DRI provides; hardware accelerated graphics.

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