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arp-scan 1.9.8 compiled in OE

November 21, 2022 — BarryK

It was a long time ago that I added a recipe to build arp-scan in OpenEmbedded. That was version 1.9:

What we found is that it doesn't work anymore:

I think also, rcrsn51's PeasyScan uses arp-scan.

For EasyOS 4.5.1, arp-scan 1.9.8 was compiled in a running Easy and a PET created. Now, however, I have compiled it in OE, and checked that it does work:

# arp-scan --localnet
Interface: eth0, type: EN10MB, MAC: a4:ae:11:16:23:58, IPv4:
Starting arp-scan 1.9.8 with 256 hosts ( f4:28:53:78:bd:20 Zioncom Electronics (Shenzhen) Ltd. 00:24:21:5c:b2:af MICRO-STAR INT'L CO., LTD.

New recipe in OE:

Project page:

Have changed the package-list in woofQ so now will build with the arp-scan from OE.   

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