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EasyOS Dunfell-series 64-bit version 4.5.1 released

November 19, 2022 — BarryK

This is, mostly, a bug-fix release of version 4.5, that was released on November 12, 2022. If you are new to Easy, please read that announcement, as it has more introductory descriptions:

If you already have Easy 4.5, booting either from a USB-stick, other external drive such as SD-card, or from an internal drive, you will be able to click on the "update" icon on the desktop to download a small "difference file", which, in the case of 4.5-to-4.5.1 is only 2.8MB.

However, this difference-file mechanism (that we also call "delta files"), requires the full image file of the current release. If you haven't updated before and this is the first time you will be doing an update, copy the 'easy-4.5-amd64.img' file to /mnt/wkg. That's it, then you can update.

After updating, /mnt/wkg/easy-4.5.1-amd64.img will exist and you can leave it there, ready for the next update.

After releasing 4.5, it turned out that there was a lot wrong with EasyShare, that is launched via the "share" icon on the desktop. I have done some testing and it is now working properly and touch-wood will also be working for you. There are some more changes and a couple of package updates, see the release notes:

Download English, French and German builds courtesy of ibiblio:

And kindly mirrored by NLUUG:

You are most welcome to join the discussion on the forum, continuing the 4.5 thread on page-3:

We have been playing with ideas for a new logo, and you will find one that looks nice in the bootup screen -- in the initrd, where you are asked for a password. if you would like to contribute feedback on the logo, see this forum thread:

Have fun!    

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