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EasyShare needed lots of TLC

November 18, 2022 — BarryK

I have been working on EasyShare over the last few days. Earlier blog posts:

It turned out that EasyShare needed a lot of work. See commit:

I think will leave the LAN setup. Not having it for the last couple of years resulted in a gradual degradation of EasyShare, because "out of sight, out of mind".

Looking good now. A few usability notes:

  1. On the PC that exported a folder for other PCs to access, there are radiobuttons to flip between using Samba or SSFS. If flip, it is necessary to restart EasyShare on the other PCs. Oh, and be sure to unmount the shared folder on the other PCs before flipping.
  2. File sharing with an Android phone over USB works fine, but had to click the scan button three times, as the 'adb' server didn't start. Um, this was due to me not responding to popups on the phone screen. A bit of familiarity with using should sort this out.
  3. Android phone screen sharing works great.
  4. I didn't test printing. Two PCs running EasyOS, shared a printer and the other PC was able to see it, but didn't test actual printing, as currently have a problem with my printer.
  5. Didn't test a Windows PC on the LAN.

Expect EasyOS version 4.5.1 very soon.    

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