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OpenEmbedded meta-quirky layer now on github

November 07, 2022 — BarryK

Up until now, my "meta-quirky" project has only been provided as a tarball, see here:

I have now named the project "oe-qky-dunfell" and uploaded it to

This project will cross-compile hundreds of packages (currently 956 packages), on a x86_64 host system, for x86_64 (nocona), i686, or aarch64 target.

Here is the projects new home:

I'm using SmartGit to manage the project. Posted about a SmartGit SFS here:

However, I haven't used the SFS. Just downloaded the latest SmartGit tarball and expanded it where I want to use it. No need to install, just expand it, to folder "smartgit", open a terminal and execute:

# ./bin/

A bit of preparation first, before running it. From previous experience, I know it creates lots of files at ~/.config/smartgit; however, as I boot lots of different installations of EasyOS, I want SmartGit to be portable.

I created a file bin/smartgit.vmoptions, with this in it:


As advised here:

I noticed it still created /root/.gitconfig, with my username and email address.

I also created a script to start SmartGit, named 'smartgit', in the smartgit folder:

#do not need to run this from a terminal, just click on it.
RP="$(realpath "${0}")" #ex: /mnt/sda1/bk/git/smartgit/smartgit
RD="$(dirname "${RP}")"
cd "$RD"
exec ./bin/

The plan is that woofQ is next in line to be uploaded to   

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