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Kirkstone-series packages rolled back and forward

December 07, 2022 — BarryK

Compiling the packages that are intended to be in the new EasyOS Kirkstone-series is a juggling act. I am having to roll some packages back to earlier versions and some forward.

Ghostscript for example, rolled back to 9.20.

OE Kirkstone has ffmpeg 5.0.1; however, vlc in kirkstone won't compile. The OE devs are probably waiting for a later version of vlc that fixes it. But I think that a lot of apps that use ffmpeg are not yet ready for 5.0, due to major api changes. So I rolled back to ffmpeg 4.4.

Kirkstone has rust 1.59; however, I discovered it has some problems, such as unable to create a 'rustc' that will work in the target evironment. OE master has rust 1.65, that I have rolled forward to.

Jon (scsijon in the forum) sent me an email today with a link about mesa dropping classical drivers, starting with 22.0:

...they advise the last version to use is 21.3.8. OE kirkstone has mesa 22.0.3. I found that OE has recipes for 21.3.7, so have rolled back to that:

I can't keep playing this game. Yeah, OK, seem to have committed to bring out EasyOS Kirkstone-series, but might get off the merry-go-round after that, just stay with the Kirkstone-series in maintenance-mode and work on some of its features.

But get out of this endless game of upgrading.

This time, I'm aiming for a much bigger package repository. I see that Slackware has 2,292 packages:

I am aiming for 1,500 - 2,000.

Note, some other distributions such as Debian's 153,621 packages are misleading, as they split packages into 3-6 smaller packages. But even if divide by 4, still a huge repo.

EDIT 2022-12-12:
Rolling rust forward to 1.65 turned out to be too difficult. Got a fail compiling python3-cryptography. Looking at online discussion, rust integration into OE is very much a work-in-progress. Staying with 1.59.

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