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Limine Installer frugal install detection fix

December 30, 2022 — BarryK

Limine Installer is a project for a GUI to install the Limine bootloader. There is a web-page overview of both of these here:

The Installer is a work-in-progress, with some identified outstanding issues.

One issue is that it does not detect a new EasyOS frugal installation, where there are only the three files 'vmlinuz', 'initrd' and 'easy.sfs', and there has not yet been a first-bootup, so the folders 'containers', 'releases', sfs', etc. have not yet been created.

I have fixed that, see commit:

Also fixed a mysterious problem with unmounting partitions. The Installer mounts each partition in turn, to look for OS installations, and was unable to unmount some with a "resource busy" message.
That is odd, as never used to have that problem -- something to do with the kernel?

Whatever, it is solved by "sleep 1" just before the 'umount' operation. Don't like to put in a hack like that, anyway, it worked.

More things to do, plan to work on the Installer, in between other things, over the next week.

An extra note: 'mintsuki', the main Limine developer, continues to bring out new versions of Limine at a rapid rate. The Easy Dunfell-series has Limine 3.20221014.1, Kirkstone-series has3.20221204.0; both seem to be working OK.

EDIT 2023-01-01:
The problem mention above, unmounting partitions, is a huge worry. Something bad is happening to cause this. I have raised it as an issue in the Puppy Forum:     

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