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Automatic translation added to MoManager

January 08, 2023 — BarryK

I posted about the start of this project:

...the path for the new scripts is now /usr/local/momanager. /usr/sbin/momanager has been deleted, /usr/sbin/momanager0 has been moved to /usr/local/momanager/momanager, and /usr/sbin/momanager created to exec /usr/local/momanager/momanager

A lot more to do, but already looking really good. Running MoManager, select a script for which there is not yet a .mo file, say /usr/sbin/, there will be a popup asking if want automatic translation:


The resulting firewall_ng.po file is translated; here is part of it:

#: firewall_ng:14
msgid "Firewall On"
msgstr "Pare-feu activé"

#: firewall_ng:16
msgid "Your firewall is configured and running. You can cancel or abort this program if you wish, or change the settings now."
msgstr "Votre pare-feu est configuré et en cours d’exécution. Vous pouvez annuler ou abandonner ce programme si vous le souhaitez, ou modifier les paramètres maintenant."

#: firewall_ng:19
msgid "Firewall Off"
msgstr "Pare-feu désactivé"

#: firewall_ng:24
msgid "Alien Bob's Easy Firewall Generator for IPTables"
msgstr "Alien Bob’s Easy Firewall Generator pour IPTables"

#: firewall_ng:25
msgid "This link opens in your default web browser"
msgstr "Ce lien s’ouvre dans votre navigateur Web par défaut"

The really great thing about this is that it saves a huge amount of time. The human translator will need to scan through, to make sure every translation is sane. But, it could take under a minute, then onto the next .po file.

As I said, a lot more to do, but this is looking so good, keen to keep working on it. But not now -- nice summer day here, off to the beach -- intend to get back to it this evening.

A note about the future of EasyOS. I have been releasing English, French and German .img files, but this is a very inefficient way of doing it. In future, intend to go back to the Puppy-way with langpack PET packages.    

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