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Limine Installer check duplicate UUID, PARTUUID and label

January 03, 2023 — BarryK

For the last few days have been tackling "gotchas" that users have discovered when installing EasyOS. Here are two recent posts:

I have now added a check in Limine Installer for non-unique UUID, PARTUUID (GUID), or filesystem label. If two partitions have one of those the same, and it is specified in the 'limine.cfg' file, at bootup Limine and/or EasyOS will get very confused.

Now, these conflicts are detected. In the case of the conflict being a partition on an internal drive and on a USB-stick, the user is advised to avoid the conflict by unplugging the USB-stick before the next bootup.

Here are the commits:

Ha ha, I'm supposed to be having a break from EasyOS development right now. Will get back to it -- off to the beach tomorrow!   

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