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Continuing internationalization integrated into easy.sfs

February 13, 2023 — BarryK

I posted about the abandonment of langpacks a couple of days ago:

The last couple of days there has been intense coding, implementing the details internationalization integrated into easy.sfs, or as a single "nls.sfs".

Changes to /usr/local/petget/, major changes to /usr/local/momanager/momanager, and in woofQ changes to 2createpackages and 3buildeasydistro:

I have been experimenting with Bulgarian menu translations, and have imported many of the French translations from the langpack created by esmourguit:

Onward ho...

Some usage notes. In the upcoming Kirkstone-series, you will find two new folders, /usr/share/ and /usr/share/ Folder has translations for the menu, has UI translations for applications.

In a nutshell, these contain translations for packages not currently installed. If you install a pkg via PKGget (the PPM), there is a script /usr/local/petget/ that will look in and and find out if there are menu and UI translations for your language, that are not already in the package. If so, those translation files will be copied into /usr/share/applications and /usr/share/locale  

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