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Fix for Firefox getting deleted when SFS layers change

February 08, 2023 — BarryK

Forum member Caramel installed the 'firefox-skel-ask' PET, which has a menu entry "Internet -> Download latest Firefox".

I have already posted how this has been properly internationalized:

However, Caramel then added an SFS onto the layers on the main desktop, and after rebooting, Firefox was deleted.

There are different ways that Firefox can be installed; via easy.sfs, via the 'firefox-skel-ask' PET, via a FF package in PKGget (PPM), or via a FF SFS. This may cause a conflict if two FFs are installed via these different ways. To fix this, there is a script in the initrd, /sbin/fixlayers, that tries to detect conflicts.

I found the problem in /sbin/fixlayers script and applied a fix:

I probably should put in similar code for Chromium. The Kirkstone-series has Chromium in easy.sfs, but there are also Chromium SFSs    

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