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Fixed translate PuppyPin back to en

February 26, 2023 — BarryK

Ha ha, tonight I was thinking "this is it!"; will release easyOS 5.0. However, some more testing revealed a problem. Feodor reported some help files remaining in French when he changed from French to English, which I reported in previous blog post:

What I also discovered, and maybe Feodor mentioned this, don't recall, was some desktop icon labels remained in French.

Oh dear, that turned out to be a difficult bug. In French, the "trash" icon is labeled "Déchets". Changing locale to en_US in QuickSetup and restarting X, it was stuck on the French text.

After much puzzlement, found the cause. The translation of PuppyPin en-to-fr is done by a regular expression like this:


However, when ROX-Filer starts and reads PuppyPin, it changes the label "Déchets" in PuppyPin to "Déchets"

To convert back to English, /usr/sbin/fixdesk performs a reverse regex operation:


...which doesn't work.

ASCII labels convert back to English, but not characters with accents. How on earth to fix that?

I figured out a fix, commit:

...roundabout coding, but it works.    

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