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Missing build-choices file in initrd

February 20, 2023 — BarryK

I am very grateful to the guys who are patiently testing Easy 4.99. I know what is causing the reported bugs, so can fix them.

There is one very odd problem; williwaw reported an error message "/build-choices: No such file or directory":

...from subsequent posts, I deducted that the framebuffer device /dev/fb0 must be missing, which is very odd.

Without /dev/fb0, Xorg server is unable to run, hence the gtk app that asks for locale and keyboard-layout is unable to run. In that case, there is fallback to /sbin/ask-language, which is a CLI app.

However, as williwaw found, /sbin/ask-language failed, as it wants /build-choices which is missing. I have fixed this, see commit:

I would still very much like to know why the kernel did not create /dev/fb0    

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