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mount-img asks read-only or read-write

February 18, 2023 — BarryK

If you click on a .img drive-image file, the partitions in the image get mounted read-only. If you do it from a terminal, you can pass the "rw" parameter to mount read-write. But clicking on the file in ROX-Filer does not offer that choice.

This came up in the forum, someone wanted to mount the partitions read-write. So, I have modified /usr/sbin/mount-img script to ask. Now, click on the file and this window pops up:


github commit:

The warning is there because if you have a downloaded /mnt/wkg/easy*.img file, that is used to compute a difference-file when update to the next version of EasyOS. In that situation, the checksum must not change.

I nice little improvement!   

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