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youtube-dl downloader update fixed

February 23, 2023 — BarryK

A few days ago, I posted that YouTube Downloader is broken:

Smithy had sent me an email, with an alternative download URL, but I misunderstood.

The official youtube-dl site last release was December 17, 2021. The project is very active, with regular commits, but the "Update" button in the menu "Internet -> YouTubeDL YouTube downloader" only downloads the Dec. 2021 release. That was one of my misunderstandings; it only downloads the latest tagged release, not from the latest commit.

Smithy sent me an alternative URL, that builds downloads from daily snapshots from latest commit at the official site.

But how to automatically download the latest in a script? I found that this works:

# curl -L -o youtube-dl

I have updated the 'youtubedl-gui' PET to version 0.4.2 and updated the '1download-latest-youtube-dl' script in woofQ:

I tested by downloading one of The Electric Viking's videos:

Have recently got into the habit of watching his videos. He is Aussie, lives in Melbourne, but currently in Thailand to be with his wife, who is receiving treatment for stage-4 cancer. Hasn't stopped him from posting videos; I think that he must just about live in front of his computer, doing research.    

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