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AppImage Installer bug-fix and more apps

March 19, 2023 — BarryK

When the Installer installs an .AppImage file, it creates a folder /files/apps/<name>, for example /files/apps/audacity. This is a convenience, the app can be set to save files in this folder.

However, the Installer creates the folder, for example 'audacity' with owner:group = root:root, which means that Audacity does not have permission to write into that folder. Auadacity is running as user 'audacity', so this is the fix:

# chown -R audacity:audacity /files/apps/audacity

The fix is committed to github: well as lots more apps added, and the Installer now also shows size of each AppImage.

Interesting, the Nanosaur app failed to run, wants ''. So I created a symlink, to*, see commit:

Nanosaur is an exciting 3D strategy game. I didn't learn how to use it properly, just kept running away from a big dinosaur that kept jumping on me.

Changing the subject, Samba is broken, the 'krb5' package is a missing dependency. You can install it from the package manager. Fixed in github:    

Tags: easy