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AppImage Installer now parsing json file

March 31, 2023 — BarryK

This morning I posted about using xdotool, to obtain the AppImage to download:

Before that, I had fiddled around with downloading a json file, but wasn't doing it right. Have now read up a bit more on the topic. For example, these sites:

Consequently, now parsing the json file and finding the latest AppImage file and version. Works great, here is the commit:

Have kept the script with the xdotool method, in case still want it, renamed to /usr/local/appimage/github-find-latest-ver-xdotool

Changing the subject, have removed Mhwaveedit audio recorder and editor, as recording is broken. Forum member don570 reported this, and I confirmed it. Records ok, but when click the "Finished" button, hangs. I looked at the project site, but no one has reported this bug, nor fixed it. It is an old gtk2 project, no activity for a few years.   

Tags: easy