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Blender 3.6alpha compiled in EasyOS Kirkstone

March 16, 2023 — BarryK

Blender is a fantastic application. Or rather, it looks fantastic from reading the homepage; I haven't actually got to use it, apart from just starting it. Looks like there is a bit of a learning curve. Homepage:


Last year I downloaded the official x86_64 tarball from the Blender website and created an SFS for Dunfell-series (last version 4.5.5). I posted about that earlier effort here:

However, after recent experiences with AppImages, I decided to compile Blender in Kirkstone 5.0, for maximum compatibility with the host libraries. Which turned out to be quite easy. I followed the instructions here:

Here are my notes:

# mkdir blender-git
# cd blender-git
# git clone --depth 1
# mkdir lib
# cd lib
# svn checkout
# cd ../blender
# make

Edit build configuration with: "/mnt/sda1/downloads/downloads3/input633/0-blender/blender-git/build_linux/CMakeCache.txt" run make again to rebuild.
Blender successfully built, run from: /mnt/sda1/downloads/downloads3/input633/0-blender/blender-git/build_linux/bin/blender

# make package_archive
make -C "/mnt/sda1/downloads/downloads3/input633/0-blender/blender-git/build_linux" -s package_archive
Generating release/Blender-3.6-30e517c3cac5-linux-x86_64.tar.xz

# cd ../
# cp -a blender-git/build_linux/release/Blender-3.6-30e517c3cac5-linux-x86_64.tar.xz ./
# sync
# tar -xf Blender-3.6-30e517c3cac5-linux-x86_64.tar.xz

none were stripped...
# strip --strip-unneeded lib*so*
# strip --strip-unneeded mesa/lib*so*
# cd ..
# strip --strip-unneeded blender
# strip --strip-unneeded blender-thumbnailer
# strip --strip-unneeded datatoc
# strip --strip-unneeded datatoc_icon
# strip --strip-unneeded msgfmt

# dir2sfs blender_3.6-30e517c3cac5_amd64

...not quite every step documented.

I have uploaded the 'blender_3.6-30e517c3cac5_amd64.sfs' and you can install by clicking on the "sfs" icon. If you choose to install to the main desktop, it will run as user 'blender'.

I also tested installing as a container, that also works. It will run as "crippled root". Here is the desktop:


HOWEVER, before installing, open /usr/local/easy_containers/templates/blender/configuration and insert this line shown in bold:

#Specify what you are allowed to access outside the container:

This is required for Blender to work in the container. The file is fixed for the upcoming 5.1 -- which, incidentally, is probably only a few days away.

Just in case you don't know, there is no problem with installing Blender to both main desktop and container. There is no duplication, the same blender SFS is used for both. You can even run them simultaneously.        

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