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Bug fixes for AppImage Installer

March 29, 2023 — BarryK

Alfons reported that in the "Other" category, the "Online Information" button didn't work. Fixed.

Forum member Airdale reported liking Ungoogled Chromium and looked forward to the update feature. I replied that cannot update it:

I have fixed that also; however, do have a problem with updating at some repositories, so have had to hard-code to download just one version. Last night I discovered this:

Works great:

# lastversion
# lastversion --assets --filter '\.[Aa]pp[Ii]mage$'

...very nice! Not sure if I will use it though, as it requires rather a lot of dependencies. Will look around a bit more, see if there are any other alternatives.

No, lastversion is not up to the job:

# lastversion
CRITICAL: No release was found
# lastversion --assets

I will stay with my script /usr/local/appimage/github-find-latest-ver       

Tags: easy