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Kernel 5.15.97 with landlock and user-namespace

March 04, 2023 — BarryK

We discussed the "landlock" security feature in the forum:

Up until now, the kernel in Easy has left out user-namespace support due to some perceived security issue. Though, that is a vague concern, and after reading recently that Vivaldi needs that kernel feature when run non-root, I decided to enable it.

Namespaces support
[*] UTS namespace
[ ] TIME namespace
[*] IPC namespace
[*] User namespace CONFIG_USER_NS
[*] PID Namespaces
[*] Network namespace

Security options
(lockdown,yama,landlock) Ordered list of enabled LSMs CONFIG_LSM

Have not yet utilized landlock, that will be interesting.

EDIT 2023-03-05:
Thanks to forum member ozsouth, who informed me that kernel 5.15.97 was superseded a few hours after release by 5.15.98, due to a bug discovered. Have compiled 5.15.98.

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