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New logo for EasyOS

March 02, 2023 — BarryK

From the start in 2017, Easy has this cartoon face with thumbs-up logo:


It's OK, but there has been a lot of criticism that it is unprofessional. Consequently, I started a forum thread to consider a replacement logo, and there have been lots of suggestions:

My daughter suggested that it should have a little doggy, to show the Puppy Linux heritage, maybe have the little guy relaxing at the beach to show "easy". We even used chatGPT to design a logo, with very interesting results!

That little dog at the beach idea was interesting, but too cluttered; couldn't get it to scale down very well to a 48x48 pixel image.

Then yesterday I remembered a logo that was created for Wary Puppy, one of our ancient puppies. That pup was cross-compiled from source using T2. Wary is long gone -- had to strain my brain to recall -- yes, it was released in 2010, with updates until early 2013. I was still leading the Puppy project back then. There was also Racy Puppy, and sometime in 2013 I retired from the leadership roll. Distrowatch Puppy release announcements have jogged my memory.

I think it was 'afgs' who designed that logo for Wary. I searched the old forum, couldn't find it, but I do have a couple of png images:



...posting them here so that they don't get lost forever. That logo was not actually used for Wary; kept the official Puppy logo, but I think there was a wallpaper created that had it. For comparison, here is the official Puppy logo... oh, I just stumbled upon another old variant that as far as I know never got used (on the right. I think that was designed for Racy):



The Wary-logo idea was a wary little dog peering out at the world from a safe place. Well, the same idea can be applied to easyOS; a little dog looking warily out at the world from a safe place -- in this case the safe place is the various security mechanisms in easyOS, including containers.

Using Inkscape, I created an SVG image, similar to afgs's artwork but different. The black spot on the left eye is very much a Puppy thing, so did away with that. Here is my effort, exported as a 128x128 pixel image:


And here it is on the desktop:


Yes, it is nice. Expect this new logo in the upcoming easyOS 5.1.     

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