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Potential ARM Chromebook tablets late 2023

March 07, 2023 — BarryK

I have often thought of buying a Chromebook, so as to explore how well Android and Linux apps integrate within the ChromeOS infrastructure. Debian Linux, via Crostini.

I have been on-and-off following the development of ARM SoCs, and Apple are way ahead, with their M1, M2, and now M3. Way ahead of ARM SoCs being used for Windows and Chromebook laptops and tablets.

Journalist Robby Payne has also been on the lookout for more more advanced SoCs to compete with Apple's chips:

December 29, 2022
"We need Chromebook tablets with MediaTek’s best Kompanio 1380 inside"

February 22, 2023
"The MediaTek-powered Chromebook tablet ‘Geralt’ is being tested with a great screen"

Very interesting, maybe I will buy a Chromebook toward the end of the year. But MediaTek and Qualcomm are only playing catchup; Apple are jumping ahead with the M3 -- for which I don't yet have any details.

Then of course there is the work being done to get Linux working on Macbook Mini with M1 and M2 chips:

...but my understanding is that it is a work-in-progress. Like all these projects that have to try and reverse-engineer the hardware and software, they are never completely satisfactory.   

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