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Reflecting on why am I doing this?

March 07, 2023 — BarryK

I know that I need to have a thick skin, not be bothered by complaining posts on the forum, but sometimes I do get annoyed.

People are getting EasyOS for free, developed by one developer for no monetary remuneration, in his spare time, yet, they make demands that the developer should do their bidding.

It happens quite regularly. For example, someone recently complaining, quite hotly,  that I wasn't responding adequately to their questions. I was responding, but not to their satisfaction.

Sigh... I could just tell them to get stuffed, and close down the EasyOS project.

But then, those selfish people are the exception. There are a lot of great guys using EasyOS, who understand that it is experimental, a one-person project, and appreciate the effort put into it.

Actually, what prompted this blog post is this forum post today:

In my case, if it was "just about the developer", then I wouldn't even bother to publish releases, just use EasyOS for myself.

Anyway, EasyOS is on a timeline, as I'm 73 and don't know how many more years will keep going on the project. Could very well, all of a sudden, move onto something else.

That was the main reason that I put the woofQ project onto github, so someone else could take it up if they wish. And very recently have enhanced woofQ so that it can build a EasyOS-derivative distro with any name that the developer wants -- that still has to be tested, and a few more tweaks required.

Don't like to be negative. This post is an exception, just the mood I'm in right now.    

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