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Support distro name change from EasyOS in woofQ

March 04, 2023 — BarryK

I posted to the forum about changing the name of "EasyOS" and "Easy" to something else, such as "WaryOS" and "Wary":

There is fundamental problem with implementing that though, as the text "EasyOS" and "Easy" is hard-coded in woofQ, right from creation of EasyOS in early 2017.

I thought about replacing all occurrences of those text strings with variables, and wherever there is $(gettext " ... EasyOS ...") replace with something like $(eval_gettext " ... \${NEWDISTRONAME} ...")
However, that is very complicated to implement, a huge amount of work and likelihood of something going wrong.

Anyway, started reading up on eval_gettext, including on the old Puppy Forum, such as here:

...that thread has a broken link to my blog, and I searched my blog to find it, found this:

...yes, I already implemented a name change from "EasyOS" to "EasyPup", in script woofq/puppy/7build-puppy-cd -- needed the memory jog! I have adapted that code, see changes to script '3buildeasydistro':

/etc/DISTRO_SPECS has variable DISTRO_NAME, same as all the pups. I am now deprecating that variable, replaced with three new ones:

#One or more words that identify this distribution:
DISTRO_NAME='EasyOS Kirkstone64'
#20230304 ...keep for compatibility existing scripts, add these...
DISTRO_NAME_LONG='EasyOS Kirkstone64'

A fix was also required in the initrd:

At this stage, won't change the name of the 'easy-<version>-<arch>.img' file, nor 'easy.sfs', as that will cause some problems maybe.

A good outcome of this is that anyone can use woofQ to create their own derivative of EasyOS, with their own custom name.

EDIT 2023-03-05:
I decided that it is feasible to also change 'easy.sfs' to '${DISTRO_NAME_SHORT,,}.sfs', see commit:

The only hiccup that I can see is some images showing easy.sfs, as well as online docs. Don't yet know about changing 'easy-*.img' file. 

EDIT 2023-03-05:
Support replace 'easy-*.img' with '${DISTRO_NAME_SHORT,,}-*.img':    

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