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Ventoy does not work with EasyOS

March 11, 2023 — BarryK

Forum member jaje reported unable to get EasyOS 5.0 to work with Ventoy USB-stick multiple-boot manager:

As jaje reported, Easy used to work.

See my post in that thread; I did attempt it, and there were lots of errors. I took a snapshot but wasn't able to capture the earlier error messages:


Hmmm, device-mapper (DM) support. The kernel does have DM support, but as a module, dm-mod.ko
OK, will compile the kernel with DM builtin, so it is available at early-bootup...

Compiled kernel 5.15.99:

Device Drivers 
  [*] Multiple devices driver support
    <*> Device Mapper support  CONFIG_BLK_DEV_DM

After compiling, I then booted with the new kernel, just my normal bootup of Easy Kirkstone on my computer (not in Ventoy), but it hung at "Loading kernel modules..." and the hard drive was making noise, continuously busy. Waited awhile, then powered off. Tried again, same thing. Hmmm again.

There is the possibility that a bug has been introduced after kernel 5.15.98, looked at changelog:

The situation right now is cannot have DM builtin to the kernel. Right now I'm running Easy with the 5.15.98 kernel.

Easy used to work with Ventoy without requiring DM. The ball is in the Ventoy developer's court.


See follow-up post:      

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