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Vivaldi browser now a SFS

March 02, 2023 — BarryK

We were discussing installing a Vivaldi DEB package, see my blog post:

I have now created a Vivaldi SFS. Just click on the "sfs" desktop icon to download and install it.

You have the choice of installing to the main desktop or in a container, or both.

In the former case, Vivaldi will run as user "vivaldi", with home path /home/vivaldi
In the latter case, Vivaldi will run as "crippled root" user in the container.

I already had the Vivaldi DEB installed on the main filesystem ("main desktop"), so I clicked on "pkg" desktop icon and uninstalled it, before installing the Vivaldi SFS to the main desktop.

That's when the trouble started. When I uninstalled the DEB, the aufs layered filesystem left behind some whiteout files. Those files blocked files in the underlying Vivaldi SFS. Very annoying.

I manually hunted down the whiteout files and deleted them, but most users cannot be expected to do that. To truly get rid of the DEB, it would be best to rollback to an earlier snapshot. You can do this via the menu "Shutdown -> Rectify -> Reboot, with rollback".

Still annoying though; I would like a package uninstall to be cleaner.

Regarding containers, I found that if you delete a container, via menu "Filesystem -> Easy Container Management", it was possible it did not entirely get removed. Fixed:

What might be nicer is to install Vivaldi the same way as is currently done with Firefox; the menu "Internet -> Download latest Firefox". After downloading, the menu changes to "Update Firefox".   

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