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Always ask for root password at first bootup

April 05, 2023 — BarryK

At first bootup of a new installation of Easy, a password is asked for, to encrypt some folders in the working-partition. The same password is also applied to 'root' and 'zeus' users.

However, some people do not enter a password, so the folders are not encrypted. That may be a deliberate choice, or they may be forced as booting from an old GRUB (v1 and early-v2) or GRUB4DOS that does not recognize an ext4 filesystem with the encrypt-feature enabled.

If no password is entered, then the folders are not encrypted, but also the 'root' and 'zeus' passwords stay as the default. Those in PuppyLand will know what that is, won't repeat it here -- but I did change it in EasyOS sometime ago, now cannot remember what it is.

Even if you do not encrypt the folders, you do need to set the password for 'root' and 'zeus'. So, I have added this into the 'init' script in the initrd. Commit:

This is only asked for on the first bootup, subsequent bootups will not require a password. Unless you do a rollback to pristine first-bootup.   

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