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Fix icons lost off desktop when update

April 24, 2023 — BarryK

After updating Easy to 5.2.2, a few people reported icons getting lost, and changes to "default applications" getting lost. For example:

I also experienced this. The problem has existed before, but has become more prevalent as we are creating icons on the desktop for installed AppImages and Flatpaks.

I think that I see where the problem is, in the initrd. There is code that cleans up the desktop either when the SFS layers change on the main desktop, or there is a version update. Any icon no longer required is removed, but I think the code is being overly enthusiastic.

The code is complicated, so for now have just commented it out. After all, it would be better to err the other way, have a not-needed icon left on the desktop, rather then needed icons removed. Here is the commit:

I have left the code in, just commented-out, as plan to revisit it sometime in the future.    

Tags: easy