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Flatpak does not work with ext4 folder encryption

April 10, 2023 — BarryK

EasyOS uses ext4 encrypted folders. This includes the '.session' and the 'files' folder. I have been fighting with the Flatpak sandbox, but have given up; it just won't work properly with ext4 encryption.

The Flatpak app runs as its own user, just like AppImages, with home folder /home/<app>. This is in the '.session' folder, hence encrypted -- well, encrypted if you entered a password at first bootup.

The change that I have made, just for Flatpaks, is /home/<app> is now a symlink to an unencrypted folder in the working-partition. No encryption, also all read and write operations are direct to the working-partition, outside the current session.

From the user point of view, it is pretty straightforward, nothing complicated to think about. Just use the "Flapi" Flatpak Installer, and it is easy. You end up with a menu entry and optionally an icon on the desktop, and off you go.

Github commits:

Currently only have three apps in the Flatpak Installer. The problem is the massive downloads, chewing through my monthly data allowance. In a couple of days will be visiting a friend with broadband home connection, so will do lots of downloads, add apps to fill up all the categories in the Installer.

Then hopefully, just about ready to release Easy 5.2.2.   

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