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Maybe fix monitor VertRefresh range

April 15, 2023 — BarryK

The problem, and fix, was reported by forum member Jinx:

That reminded me of a post in April 2022, similar problem:

...pemasu solved it by commenting out the "HorizSync" range limits. I posted to the blog about this fix:

So, it looks like need to either comment-out the "VertRefresh" or increase its range. I decided on the latter, have changed it to:

    VertRefresh  56-96

Which should cater for a monitor that cannot run at 60Hz and wants 90Hz. Though, my understanding is that 90Hz monitors are capable of dropping down to 60Hz.

Just about ready to release Easy 5.2.2. After going to bed last night, remembered something that needed to be done. Thought, had better get up and write it down, but then thought, nah, will remember. Guess what, got up this morning and cannot remember what needs to be done -- only that it is something to do with AppImages.      

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