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More Flatpaks added to Installer

April 27, 2023 — BarryK

The nickname for the Flatpak Installer is "Flapi". I recently reported on a showstopper problem:

...the report was 'ldconfig' failing when attempted to run QGIS. Well, it is worse then that. It is not just QGIS, the showstopper affects all installed Flatpaks. Something happened that triggered this need to run 'ldconfig' and create a temporary cache under /run. Once this has happened, that's the end of the line, finito for Flatpaks.

I have built Easy 5.2.3 RC, and all installed Flatpaks, so far, are working, including QGIS. Have added these, they all work:

QGIS Geographical Information System:

Gramps genealogical tool:

PPSSPP PlayStation emulator:

Cozy audiobook player:

If we hit that 'ldconfig' showstopper again, well, I will have another go at fixing it. There is a workaround; I tested PPSSPP that failed with that 'ldconfig' error, but it did work running as root. To do that, just run "ppsspp.bin" in a terminal.   

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