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Buglets if update to 5.2.3 from 5.2.2

May 01, 2023 — BarryK

EasyOS 5.2.3 was announced yesterday:

Last night I tested updating from 5.2.2, and all went well, or seemed to. However, booted up this morning and found the "apps" and "setup" icons weren't launching EasyApps and EasySetup respectively.

Hmm, ok, right-click on "apps" icon, choose "Edit item" and change "/usr/bin/pupapps" to "/usr/sbin/easyapps". Do the same for the "setup" icon, change the run action to "/usr/sbin/easysetup".

That fixes it, except now the icons are wrong, due to the 'globicons' file not having updated. There are two ways to fix that, either edit the file directly, or right-click on "apps", choose "File apps" then choose "Set Icon..." then drag the required icon. You will find 'apps48.png' at /usr/local/lib/X11/pixmaps

Do the same for "setup", drag icon 'configuration48.png' also located at /usr/local/lib/X11/pixmaps

Sorry about that. Choose to save at shutdown, and next bootup should be ok.

I also discovered another bug:

This affects if you change the icons from being on the desktop to all in the tray. It is a related problem to the above bug. You need to edit these two files: '/usr/local/ui/jwm/jwm/jwmrc-insert-icons' and '/usr/local/ui/jwm/ec-jwmrc-insert-icons' -- change the text "pupapps" to "easyapps", and the text "wizardwizard" to "easysetup".

If you have no intention of flipping to icons all in the tray, then you can ignore this bug as it will be fixed at the next release of Easy.    

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