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EasyJWM fix when create app icon in tray

May 23, 2023 — BarryK

EasyJWM is a cutdown derivative of radky's JWMDesk, streamlined to only work in EasyOS.

Caramel reported a problem when create an app icon in the tray:

The currently running apps are in the tasklist section of the tray, and when Easy is in "rox" mode (see /etc/uimanager), these are supposed to display as icon with title text. When Easy is in "jwm" mode, which is all desktop icons in the tray, the running apps display as icon only, to save space.

However, in "rox" mode, the running apps changed to icon only. Fixed.

While in /usr/local/easyjwm, took out some more conditional testing for Puppy versus EasyOS. Radky did an admirable job getting JWMDesk to work on so many different pups, old and new, as well as EasyOS. But it resulted in so much conditional testing, complicating the code.   

Tags: easy