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Flatpak Installer works with fscrypt v2

May 02, 2023 — BarryK

I posted this morning about fixing the initrd to work with fscrypt v2:

The Flatpak Installer, Flapi, has now been modified to work with fscrypt v2, see commit:

This is so great, the Flatpaks are working without any issues. They are now run just like AppImages, in an encrypted folder, and they are also, like AppImages, able to save under /files

Fscrypt v2 is so good, it is in. This poses an update problem. I'm proposing to release Easy 5.2.4 with a special "update" -- click on that icon and it will inform that cannot update, at least not in the normal way. Instead, will offer to export lots of stuff, like browser bookmarks, internet setup, etc., then will erase the encrypted folders, then let you update.

At the update to the next release, might make it 5.3, the encrypted folders will get created, and the saved stuff restored.

That's the general idea anyway.    

Tags: easy