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Support EasyOS update beyond 5.2.4

May 03, 2023 — BarryK

Easy 5.2.4 will be the last using fscrypt v1. I have posted about the migration v1 to v2:

I have modified two scripts, /usr/local/easy_version/easy-update and 'init' in the initrd, to handle updating from v1 folder encryption to v2.

Basically, 'easy-update' copies the contents of of the encrypted folders into a temporary folder, then the 'init' script at next bootup (after the update) recreates the encrypted folders with the new v2 then restores from the temporary folder.


Not tested yet.

The new 'easy-update' script will be in Easy 5.2.4; however, the script can be downloaded to /usr/local/easy_version in any earlier release of Easy Kirkstone-series. The file can be downloaded from here (see the "Raw" button):

The catch is it will need enough free space in the working-partition for the temporary folder. The script does check for that.    

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