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What kind of people ride recumbent trikes?

May 17, 2023 — BarryK

Interesting question. We see these slim athletic lycra-attired riders zipping along on their racing bikes.  Do recumbent trikes attract a different sort of person?

I wanted to find out if there are any cycling groups in Australia specifically for recumbent riders, and discovered yes, in Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth. The Adelaide group looks most active; I watched a video of one of their outings:


...they are not slim lycra-clad athletes!

Quoting from here:

Recumbent trikes are designed for comfort. They make cycling a more relaxing activity, while also preventing pain in the back, shoulders, and wrists. Many people find they can cycle greater distances because their body is so relaxed. Because the seat is ergonomically correct, recumbent trikes keep your head in a natural, erect position. You enjoy greater visibility, a bonus when touring new areas or taking in the beauty of nature on cycling trails. Facing forward also means you are more aware of your surroundings so you are less likely to have accidents. You can sit back and enjoy a comfortable ride.

There was only one guy in that outing who had a two-wheeler recumbent, shown in the above photo -- looks dangerous. I notice a lot of them are electric-assist.  

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