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Access encrypted folders on mounted ext4 partitions

June 04, 2023 — BarryK

With ext4 fscrypt v1, it was easier. Running Easy 5.3.*, with encrypted folders, if you plugin Easy 5.3.* on a USB-stick, if the bootup password is the same on the USB-stick, then the encrypted folders on the USB-stick are accessible.

Not so with fscrypt v2. The decryption password has to be applied to each filesystem.

To fix this, I have modified /usr/local/bin/drive_all. This script runs when you click on a partition icon on the desktop. The script now detects that the mounted partition may have encrypted folders, and pops up this window:


So, as long as you know what password you used to boot that USB-stick, you can decrypt any encrypted folders. Fscrypt v2 only.

I can see where this might be handy. Maybe the USB-stick won't boot, so now you can copy any files off it. As long as it is not broken so much that the working-partition can't be mounted.   

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