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BluePup send-file fixed

June 25, 2023 — BarryK

Federico reported this. I verified, started BluePup from a terminal, paired with my phone, then attempted to send a file to the phone. On the terminal got this:

sh: line 1: /usr/bin/bluetooth-sendto: no such file or directory

That file is supposed to be in the 'gnome-bluetooth3' package, compiled in OpenEmbedded. However, I found that the developers have changed the recipe, so that it no longer installs 'bluetooth-sendto'.

The reason they did that, is gnome-bluetooth3 uses gtk3, but there is another package gnome-bluetooth that uses gtk4. They are giving preference to the latter, and only installing the library of the former.

I fixed the recipe for gnome-bluetooth3 so that it once again installs bluetooth-sendto, see commit:

Note, I'm planning to change the name of BluePup to EasyBlue, for consistency with all the other Easy* apps.    

Tags: easy