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Compiled Secrets password manager but it crashed

June 20, 2023 — BarryK

Secrets, formerly known as PasswordSafe, project is here:

There is also a Windows "Password Safe", which has no connection with this one. Secrets is compatible with KeePass database, and requires gtk4.

The latest version is 7.3; however, it requires a later 'glib' package than is in Easy. So I went back to 6.5.

It requires a few python3 modules, and also 'cracklib' and 'libpwquality' that I compiled in OE.

It started OK, created a database, but when attempted to create an entry, it crashed. So much for that.

Easy does have FPM2 password manager builtin, but we would like something more up-do-date and maintained.

KeePassXC is good, there is an appimage and a flatpak, but both have issues. The appimage suffers from the usual flakyness of appimages, see posts here and my contribution:

The flatpak works, except I haven't yet solved opening a URL in a browser.

I might consider having KeePassXC builtin to Easy. What has held me back so far is that it requires Qt5, and that will considerably increase the size of 'easy.sfs'.   

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