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KeePassXC now builtin to EasyOS

June 22, 2023 — BarryK

I posted about compiling KeePassXC in OE:

Have decided to have both KeePassXC and Symphytum builtin.

I have configured KeePassXC so that it appears in the tray at startup:


Click on the tray icon and it pops up. I pre-created a database, in /files/database/keepassxc, with password "woofwoof". Snapshot:


So, any changes to the database get written direct to the working-partition. As it says in the snapshot, the human user must change the password.

There are features of KeePassXC that need to be investigated. All that I have done is get it to startup, and checked some basic things, such as click on a URL brings up the browser.   

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