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June 10, 2023 — BarryK

I posted about the missing in the Kdenlive AppImage: is in the 'libglvnd' package, that is in mainstream Linux distributions, but not in EasyOS. It is a wrapper for different libGL packages, as explained here:

As far as I know, libglvnd is only needed if use the official NVIDIA GPU drivers.

In Easy, the 'mesa' package is compiled without libglvnd dependency. There is no*, but looking at the compiled source, I see that 'libglx.a' is statically linked with, which strongly indicates that libGL has all the libGLX exported functions in it.

Confirmed by doing this, comparing with libGLX from a libglvnd package:

# nm -D --defined-only | grep 'glX'
# nm -D --defined-only

Therefore, created a symlink libGLX to libGL. Now, Kdenlive AppImage starts without complaining.

Github commit:     

Tags: easy