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Symphytum personal database compiled in OE

June 22, 2023 — BarryK

More than that, it is also going to be builtin in the next release of EasyOS.

The LibreOffice database is a challenge to use, whereas Symphytum is very easy. OK, Symphytum does not have all the features as big professional database systems, but it sure works nice for a personal database. Forum member Subito Piano agrees:

Here is the project page:

What has held me back from including it in EasyOS is that it is based on the Qt libraries, and Easy up until now has no Qt libraries builtin. Adding them would, I thought, cause the .img file to get too big.

Here is the recipe for OpenEmbedded/Yocto:

Certainly, Symphytum would nicely round off the application suite builtin to Easy, as would a more powerful password manager. I posted yesterday about compiling KeePassXC in OE:

KeePassXC also uses the Qt libraries. I decided to give it a go, have both builtin. Took out BlueGriffon HTML editor. The easy*.img file is no bigger!

Here is a snapshot, running in Easy:


I have set it up so that the database is automatically in /files/database/symphytum, so is permanently stored in the working-partition. In other words, it is independent of whether you save the session or not, you are not going to lose anything that you create in the database.

Note, the 'symphytum' folder is invisible to apps running non-root. And of course, if you entered a password at bootup, /files folder is encrypted.

The next release of Easy will be 5.4.3, to be uploaded very soon.    

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