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Very old PKGget bug fixed

June 29, 2023 — BarryK

How about that, a bug that has existed from 2018, nobody reported it. I was responding to don570 here: explained PKGget automatically creates the entries when you right-click on a file.

Puppy Linux does not have this automatic management of mime-handling, so those coming from a Puppy background, like don570, will not know what is going on.

Actually, what PKGget does is call /usr/sbin/build-rox-sendto, which creates the entries in the right-click menu.

As an example, for MPV, there is a file created, actually a symlink, in folder /etc/xdg/ -- you can look in there and see it for yourself.

When a package is removed, PKGget is supposed to remove those files. Except it doesn't. Now fixed, see commit:

In that same forum thread, bugnaw333 posted that there was a popup asking for administrator password when he tried to install the PET.

I don't know how he was in that situation of trying to install the PET when running non-root, but anyway, that popup won't work, as 'sudo' is broken in EasyOS. The replacement, 'sudo-sh', does work, and that will be in the next release of Easy ...which may be coming out tomorrow.   

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