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EasyOS Bookworm-series 5.4.6 SFS available

July 03, 2023 — BarryK

At this stage not planning to release EasyOS Bookworm-series as a separate release. Instead, have uploaded 'bookworm_5.4.6_amd64.sfs', 620MB, an SFS file that can be installed via SFSget.

It will run as a complete desktop in a container, with icon on the desktop:


I did some basic testing. The web browser is Firefox ESR, from the Debian Bookworm repository. Internet and sound work. Ran PKGget and installed the 'Dia' diagramming application; works.

The usefulness of EasyOS Bookworm in a container is access to the Debian repository. Heaps of applications available.

Of course, it is a secure environment, and some systems applications may not work. /files/shared is the means of sending files to the main desktop.

The alternative, if you have plenty of RAM and reasonably fast CPU, is to run Debian Bookworm in a VM. That way you will get the completely functional Debian. We have been discussing VMs, especially QEMU, and Federico has posted instructions here:

Earlier VM discussion here:    

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